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- Developing optical, optoelectronics and optomechanical systems.

- Developing DC and RF plasma systems.

- Design, modeling and production of plastics injection molds, aluminum molds and metal injection molds.

- Design, modeling and production of ultra high precision electrical circuits and mechanical systems.

Strategic Planning


Let us help you achieve your goals in the global market by turning your ideas into valuable products.   

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Planning the production processes of R&D products is one of the most important developing ideas.

Our production ideas have developed the high quality, inventive and out of the limit of imagination.

We help our customers to establish production standardisation systems for products with high added value.  

Global Market
We only undertakes research projects for the products that can meet the global market standards. 



High Performance Optical System Design


We design optical systems and develop high-precision polymer based products that are in line with the international standards. 

Advanced molding design 
Molding System Simulation and modeling for warpage, cooling, filling, optics analysis. (Using hibritmesh system) 



Heat Transfer, Magnetic Field and Plasma System Analysis
For all kinds of mechanical and electronic systems, we can design high-precision models, develop simulations and carry out analyses. 



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